praecisione secante rotae


  Precision cutting wheels, resin bonded, Super thin : This kind of cut-off wheels do not have any fibre glass reinforcing material. Different from conventional cut-off wheels, it is produced in sepcial technology. The product is used for precise cutting on pipes and tubes of stainless steel, bowden cable,  molybdenum rod, tungsten rod,  or other non-ferrous metals. Applications Burr free, wet or dry cutting of: Hypodermic needles; Metal tubes; bowden cables; Ejector pins Magnets Metallur...

Product Detail

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hypodermic neddleferro fistulamSuper interficiam in tenui fistulas, Teres stainless chalybs rotam

Praecisione secante rotae, resinae religata continent, super boves tenues ,

Hoc genus off-Conscidisti rotae non aliqua fibra speculum materia potius confirmat. Aliud conventional abscise ab rotae: sic produci in esse Sepcial technology. Et propter hoc precise productum secare in immaculatam ferro tibiæ resonabit, et fistulæ, Bowden funem, natrium virga, Tungsten virga, vel non-ferrea metalla transcurrit.


Lappa liberos, siccum vel infectum scindendum et includendum:

  • Hypodermic foramen acus transire,
  • Fistulae metallum;
  • Bowden funibus marinis;
  • cortinas atrii cum ejector
  • magnes
  • Metallurgical sampling, etc.


CULTUM quod Amplitudo popular:
       100 x 0.3 x 13.75mm
       150 x 0.4(0.5) x 25.4mm
       180 x 0.4(0.5) x 25.4mm
       200 x 0.8 x 25.4mm
       255 x 0.8 x 31.75mm
  Abrasive grains:
       Micro powder of WA
       Micro powder of SiC
       Grit size: 320#, 400#, 500#, 600#, 800#, 1000#, 1500#, 2000#
        (WA=white fised alumina);
       (SiC=green Silicon Carbide).


  • Diam range 70mm- mm CCLV
  • Crassitudine range: 0.3 mm - 2.0 mm
  • TOLERATIO crassitudine, tolerantia Latin: +/- 0.05 mm (0.002 ")
  • Crassitudo specialis tolerances inceptos.





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