worm gear grinding wheels

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  Worm gear grinding   We can offer every size of corundum worm gear grinding wheels. Conventionally, these wheels are in WA, SA or PA.  The most up-to-date wheels is made of ceramic abrasive grain (SG abrasive grain.) With low temperature bonding, this advanced grinding wheel get much more excellent performence:   Speed up to 80m/s achievable. Advanced technology of low-temperature bonding V80. Getting high precision on gears. Much more longer grinding life; Excellent shape steadine...

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چينجي کالی grinding

worm grinding wheels of SGabrasive grit-1 shape--worm grinding wheel

موږ کولای شو د corundum چينجي کالی grinding څرخ هره اندازه وړاندې کوي. دودیز، دغه څرخ په WA، SA یا PA دي. تر ټولو up-to-نېټه څرخ د کلالي abrasive غلې دانې (. SG abrasive د غلې) سره د حرارت درجه ټيټه bonding کړې، په دې ژور grinding څرخ ډېر ښه performence کول:


  • ته 80m پورته سرعت / s ترالسه.
  • د ټيټ حرارت bonding V80 ژور تکنالوژي.
  • پر دعصري لوړ دقت ترلاسه کول.
  • ډير زيات اوږد ژوند grinding؛
  • وڅېړئ په بڼه steadiness او ولسي پر پانسمان د فریکونسۍ؛
  • د ولسي حرارت تولید.


 قسمي نامتو اندازو او د ټولګيو په لاندې ډول دي. 

د ځانګړتیاوو
(Class 1-SA wheels)

Specification (Class 2 -SG wheels)

220x180x90mm -SA80J-V80-75m / s

220x180x90mm -3SG80J-V80-75m / s 

240x230x110mm -SA80J-V80-63m / s

240x230x110mm -3SG80J-V80-63m / s 

275x160x160mm -SA80J-V80-80m / s 

275x160x160mm -3SG80J-V80-80m / s 

275x125x160mm -SA80J-V80-80m / s 

275x125x160mm -3SG80J-V80-80m / s  

280x160x115mm -SA80J-V80-63m / s 

280x160x115mm -3SG80J-V80-63m / s 

300x125x160mm -SA80J-V80-63m / s 

300x125x160mm -3SG80J-V80-63m / s 

300x145x160mm -SA80J-V80-80m / s 

300x145x160mm -3SG80J-V80-80m / s 

350x104x160mm -SA80J-VH-35m / s 

350x104x160mm -3SG80J-VH-35m / s 

400x100x203mm -SA80J-V80-35m / s 

400x100x203mm -3SG80J-V80-35m / s 


Your customized demand is also acceptable. Get in touch with us now. We list the general sizes as the following:

D   (mm) T   (mm) H   (mm)
220 180 76.2,    90
240 230 110
250 50 127
275 125 160
300 63,80,100,125,145 160
350 63,84,104,125,150 160
400 84,104, 203
450 80,100,125 203




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