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  Worm gear grinding   We can offer every size of corundum worm gear grinding wheels. Conventionally, these wheels are in WA, SA or PA.  The most up-to-date wheels is made of ceramic abrasive grain (SG abrasive grain.) With low temperature bonding, this advanced grinding wheel get much more excellent performence:   Speed up to 80m/s achievable. Advanced technology of low-temperature bonding V80. Getting high precision on gears. Much more longer grinding life; Excellent shape steadine...

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نه چتايو جو ڀٽائي کي تيز ڪرڻ

worm grinding wheels of SGabrasive grit-1 shape--worm grinding wheel

اسان corundum نه چتايو جو ڀٽائي نارن پسائي جي هر ڪرائون سائيز واري آڇ ڪري سگهن ٿا. Conventionally، انهن نارن WA، SA يا PA ۾ آهن. اپ-کي-تاريخ نارن جي سڀ کان گهٽ گرمي پد bonding سان ceramic abrasive اناج (. SG abrasive اناج) جي ڪيو آهي، هن ترقي يافته پيهڻ جي ڦيٿي گهڻو وڌيڪ چڱو performence حاصل ڪري:


  • 80m achievable / صاحب کي وٺي رفتار.
  • گهٽ-پد bonding V80 جي اعلي ٽيڪنالاجي.
  • گيئر تي اعلي سڌائي ۾ اچڻ.
  • گهڻو ڪري وڌيڪ ڪونهي زندگي پسائي؛
  • چڱو شڪل steadiness ۽ تياري تي هيٺين ات؛
  • ٺاهيل لاڙ گرمي.


 جزوي مشهور ڪاٺ ۽ گريڊ هيٺ ڏنل آهن. 

(Class 1-SA wheels)

Specification (Class 2 -SG wheels)

220x180x90mm -SA80J-V80-75m / جي

220x180x90mm -3SG80J-V80-75m / جي 

240x230x110mm -SA80J-V80-63m / جي

240x230x110mm -3SG80J-V80-63m / جي 

275x160x160mm -SA80J-V80-80m / جي 

275x160x160mm -3SG80J-V80-80m / جي 

275x125x160mm -SA80J-V80-80m / جي 

275x125x160mm -3SG80J-V80-80m / جي  

280x160x115mm -SA80J-V80-63m / جي 

280x160x115mm -3SG80J-V80-63m / جي 

300x125x160mm -SA80J-V80-63m / جي 

300x125x160mm -3SG80J-V80-63m / جي 

300x145x160mm -SA80J-V80-80m / جي 

300x145x160mm -3SG80J-V80-80m / جي 

350x104x160mm -SA80J-VH-35m / جي 

350x104x160mm -3SG80J-VH-35m / جي 

400x100x203mm -SA80J-V80-35m / جي 

400x100x203mm -3SG80J-V80-35m / جي 


Your customized demand is also acceptable. Get in touch with us now. We list the general sizes as the following:

D   (mm) T   (mm) H   (mm)
220 180 76.2,    90
240 230 110
250 50 127
275 125 160
300 63,80,100,125,145 160
350 63,84,104,125,150 160
400 84,104, 203
450 80,100,125 203




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