Tentang Kami

Qingdao Unimyriad Trade Co. Ltd ngahaturanan keur nyadiakeun abrasives ka pasar dunya dina opat seri:

    • séréal Abrasive;
    • Asesoris keur abrasives;
    • Coated abrasive;
    • abrasives kabeungkeut;

 Muhun-ngalaman sumberdaya teknis na manufaktur bakal ngarojong kaperluan profésional Anjeun di luhur timely jeung ongkos éféktif. Cooperate kalawan Us Dinten.   Wide products line provide the most possibility for you to find right one for the demands, whatever it is grinding, cutting, polishing, or deburring, and more. Tell us your requirements, and we shall suggest the best choice for you. We focus on stable quality, competitive prices and responsible service. Customer's benefit is the most valuable force for our growth. So, win-win concept is always in the minds of our team.

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